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showcasing your home

Taking a bit of time to present your home in its best possible light can get more potential purchasers though the door and can result in a higher sale price. It’s not about spending money and re-decorating, it’s just about presenting a clean and tidy home, maximising the available space and light. Here are some helpful tips that are worth considering before we send our photographers round:

before listing

  • Clear the driveway of cars and bins
  • Ensure every room is clean and tidy and clutter-free – the more carpet / window sills / wall space people can see the larger the property will look
  • Clean any mildew off the shower or window frames
  • Remove rugs and mats so the room appears larger
  • Take down any clothing lines / airers
  • Display garden furniture nicely from Spring to Autumn
  • Clear away any pet bowls / toys / beds
  • Make the beds
  • Turn off TVs and computers
  • Fully open all curtains / blinds to let as much natural light in as possible
  • Fix any small snagging items such as lights hanging off the wall, kitchen cupboards not hanging properly

before viewings

  • Follow the advice in before listing, plus:
  • Bad smells are the biggest turn-off for potential buyers so use subtle air fresheners / fragranced diffusers to mask the smell of pets or cooking
  • Keep your house warm during the Winter months
  • Replace any broken light bulbs
  • Clean windows inside and out