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Jamie Smart

Agents Working Together

Over my last 32 years in Estate Agency there have been substantial changes within the industry, some in my opinion for the better and some for the worse. Digital marketing, the launch of Rightmove and other portals, and CRM systems, to name but a few.

I feel, certainly from our point of view, that our team have improved and are now required to be more knowledgeable. All our new staff over the last six years have completed the Property Mark Diploma of estate agency, which is one of the industries most recognised training programmes.

However, one change I have seen which I think is very sad is that very few agents now work together. At one time all the local agents in Solihull would work as a collective, meeting once a month to help each other with chains and negotiating to ensure that the client, whichever client, succeeded with their sale.

There seems to be a new attitude with some agents that they are hellbent on working against each other. Ego seems to play a big part, stating they will reinvent the wheel and how much better they are, but more often than not these agents have no successful industry background to speak of.

Every agent has their USPs, and every agent has its weaknesses. Customer service is, has and always will be the key to success.

I fully understand that each agent wants each instruction, but if we all pulled together and worked together collectively for our clients, this would result in a better outcome for all.