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Buyers’ Desires

If your house is on the market or you’re thinking of selling it soon, make sure you read this list of things that buyers are looking for in their next property. It’s worth taking advice from your local estate agent too, as they’re the experts on selling property.

If you’re aware of what buyers are looking for then you can spend a bit of time and effort updating your home. You’ll be glad you did – online services marketplace has worked out that cluttered rooms and poor DIY jobs can knock £10,000 off the value of a house. Estate agent smarthomes agrees and recommends that you aim for the following:

Neutral décor
Many people don’t have a good imagination and cannot picture themselves or their belongings amidst purple walls and clashing patterns. Light, plain décor will help buyers imagine themselves in your home and will help to maximise the offer price as they won’t need to keep so much money back for refurbishment.

Tidy garden
You don’t have to landscape your grounds but just make sure the lawn is mowed and weeds are gone so the garden looks tidy.

Energy efficient
These days buyers want double glazing to keep the warmth in and to reduce the cost of energy bills. UPVC windows also look much better than the old-style wooden frames, especially if the paintwork is shabby. If you have solar panels, you’ll need to explain to a potential buyer how they work as some people find them off-putting.

Pet free
Whilst many people have pets, they don’t want to see – or smell – evidence of your pets in their potential new home. Make sure you clean up pet hairs, hide cages or baskets and food bowls, and get rid of any animal smells with diffusers or sprays.

Planning permission
Potential buyers will not be willing to part with their money if planning permission has not been obtained for extensions. It just makes the investment too risky for them, as they don’t know if the improvement has been done properly and if they will be able to sell the property in the future.

Modern fixtures and fittings
Old fashioned kitchens and bathrooms are a big turn-off due to the amount of money involved in replacing them. Instead of replacing your kitchen you could consider new cupboard doors or a new laminate worktop and a fresh coat of paint.

People want the convenience of parking right outside their own front door. And they’re prepared to pay for it – it can add up to £22,500 to the value of your house. If you don’t have a drive, see if there’s an area of the garden you can take up to have one laid.

Tidy rooms
Be strict with yourself and have a good clear out – either put things that are cluttering up the house in the garage or loft, or donate them to charity. It really does make a big difference to home buyers – rooms will look bigger and more spacious and potential purchasers will be able to imagine themselves in the property more easily.

Jamie Smart, Director of smarthomes estate agent, commented “It’s amazing what a difference a little effort can make to the value of the property. We always advise our clients who are selling their homes through our estate agents to present their property in the best possible light as we know it results in a quicker sale and a higher purchase price.”


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