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Buyers want fast broadband

It might be surprising to know just how important a strong and fast broadband connection is for today’s home buyers.

A recent survey by Hyperoptic has come up with some interesting results:

  • About 75% of respondents think that a fast broadband speed is essential
  • More than 66% of people said they would be less interested in a property with slow WiFi
  • 40% of potential purchasers were actually put off a property when they knew the area had a poor broadband connection

The internet is important to home buyers for a number of reasons – working from home, online banking, online shopping, streaming TV programmes and films, staying in touch with friends and family who do not live locally… and so the frustration caused by a poor internet connection is now so great that it can seriously affect a property’s chances of selling quickly and at the optimum price for the seller.

Other important criteria for home buyers include the number of bedrooms and proximity to a local pub. The survey also unearthed some more interesting information – such as the fact that local shops are more important than storage space and a spacious living room is more important than a modern kitchen.

Jamie Smart, Director of smarthomes commented, ‘We’re always interested in new research and finding out what buyers really do want, rather than making assumptions. It means we can find out the information they will want to know in advance, and make sure we can answer questions about important considerations such as local broadband speeds, amenities and public transport.’

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