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Get your garden ready !

When you’re getting your house ready to sell and trying to present it in the best possible light, don’t overlook the garden.

Potential buyers may be prepared to overlook things about the house they’re not so keen on if they can see themselves relaxing in the garden on a summer’s day. Even if the house is slightly on the small side or the interior is slightly dated, a relaxing and well-kept outdoor space could seal the deal.

Tidy up

Just as you’d clean and tidy the house, give the garden a spring clean too. Look at it through fresh eyes and see how you can improve it. The starting point is to remove weeds, leaves and dead plants, and to prune back overgrown trees and plants to make the garden look tidier and more spacious. A layer of bark chippings or stones in small borders can really make a difference.

Clean up

It’s worth taking a bit of time to clean up outdoor furniture, decking and patio areas. Potential buyers will imagine themselves sitting in the garden, and that’s so much easier if it’s a clean and well-presented space. Consider borrowing or hiring a jet washer to smarten up your decking or patio area in no time. And give your furniture a good scrub. If you’re planning on getting new garden furniture for your next home, why not buy it now and put it in your current garden to make it more appealing.

Sort your lawn

Give your lawn a good haircut – make sure it’s mowed, and all border edges are tidy. It will make a real difference to the look of your garden. Hide any bald areas by investing in some grass seed or patch treatments.

Add colour

Consider buying some colourful plants and pots to brighten up your garden. The pots can be taken with you when you move so it’s a worthwhile investment. Consider re-painting a shed, wooden garden furniture, or any fencing that’s faded or peeling. Your garden will be instantly transformed. You don’t have to stick to boring brown – shades of green or blue can look lovely in a garden and make it stand out from other gardens.

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