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How much is your home worth?

It can be fun guessing how much your home is worth, and looking online to get an idea, but the only way to know for sure is to get a realistic valuation from a local and reliable estate agent. If you over-inflate your valuation, you may end up wasting time searching for properties you can’t actually afford, which is just going to end up frustrating you. 

Local estate agents like smarthomes really know the area inside out – what the market’s doing, what buyers want and value, and what asking price will get viewers through the door.

We all know location is the most important factor for property purchasers, and so it’s the main criteria in determining the value of your home. The size of your property, and the local market are the next most important indicators, followed by the condition of your property, any improvements or extensions, and the state of the interior elements such as flooring and windows. Potential buyers may also be looking for the potential to add value so they may be considering an extension or a loft conversion, and a reputable estate agent will factor this into their recommended asking price.

Any work that has been done to improve the value or size of your home needs to be inspected to ensure the appropriate quality standards have been maintained otherwise these enhancements could actually put potential buyers off your property.

Estate agents who are actively working in the area will also take into account recent local viewer feedback and sold prices so that they can price the property realistically. Over-inflated prices might seem appealing if you are selling but you won’t get the right number of viewers through the door, and the property can then stay on the market too long, which can put purchasers off.

When we conduct valuations at smarthomes, we always ensure we understand our client’s objectives, so we’ll find out if they need a quick sale, or if they want to wait until they achieve the best price. When we know our clients’ aims, we can adapt our sales and marketing strategy accordingly.

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