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How to save money when moving home

We all want to save money, especially in the current climate when life seems to be so expensive.

The property experts at Compare My Move have come up with some ideas to help save money when you’re moving home. So have a look and see if you can use any of their tips to shave some money off your moving bills.

Moving home provides a great opportunity to have a clear out. Whether it’s clothes, ornaments, furniture or just ‘stuff’, it’s worth doing it with someone, maybe a partner or a friend, to help you be ruthless. The less you have to move will not only make it easier but can save you money with the removals company. You might even earn some extra cash by selling your unwanted items.

Book in advance
It might be hard knowing your exact moving date but if you worked out the likely date, you could make a saving by booking your removals company in advance.

Choose the Autumn
While you might not be able to dictate exactly when you move due to circumstances outside your control, it’s worth bearing in the mind that the Summer is the most expensive time to use a removals company. Demand is higher and so the prices tend to increase during this time. 

Avoid Fridays
Friday is usually the most popular day to move house as it gives people the weekend to unpack – but that also makes it the most expensive day as it’s so in demand.

Free boxes
Ask your local supermarket, shops, or cafes for any spare cardboard boxes – you can start collecting them a few weeks before you’re due to move so you can build up a good collection.

Use friends and family
See if you can rope your friends and family into helping you pack, rather than using the removals company to do this for you. If you promise lots of cups of tea and some chocolate digestives, they’re more likely to say yes!

Compare utilities companies
It’s worth shopping around when you move as many of us just stick with the same provider as it’s easier, but you could be missing out on a better deal.

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