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Instant Impact

With house prices increasing, pent up-demand and reports of gazumping, it’s important to make your property stand out. And where better to start than at the entrance to your property or garden?

Make a statement

Have some fun – you could add mirrors and planters to your garden gate, or on the walls around your front door – make your space feel special and inviting. Little features will make a big first impression, so your  property stands out from the others on the market.

Pristine paintwork

Peeling, shabby or dirty paintwork instantly puts buyers off – they want to feel that the space they’re about to see is inviting, clean and homely, not uncared for and neglected.

Pimp up your porch

Add some vibrant colour to your porch or front steps with plants, pots, tiles or paint finishes. It’s only a small space so you can have some fun with bright colours or interesting pattens.

Hide or disguise bins

They’re not the prettiest of things so see if you can tuck them in a corner of the garden when you have viewings, or maybe install some trellis around them so they don’t look quite so ugly!

Lighten up

For evening or Winter viewings, it’s lovely to have some lights along the pathway or by the front door to provide a welcoming entrance to your property. 

A country feel

After lockdown, many people are keen to escape to the countryside. So why not give your garden a country cottage feel – grow wildflowers in borders, pots or between flagstones, or place climbing plants in a trellis planter. 

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