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It takes two…

A recent study claimed that nearly a third of British people who haven’t yet bought a home don’t think they will ever be able to afford it unless they buy with a partner.

However, increasing numbers of millennials are buying with a friend rather than a partner so singletons need not feel down-hearted!

The most important factor in choosing a home was found to be closeness to shops with 46% of people choosing this as their priority, twice as many as those who selected schools as their most important reason. Other important factors were found to be: close to family (41%), close to work (40%) and close to public transport (31%). However, this doesn’t taken into account the gut feeling that people get when they fall in love with a property – 24% of home buyers say their decision was based on this more than anything.

Jamie Smart, Director of smarthomes, commented ‘We see this all the time – people advise us what they want but we often show them something we have a feeling they’ll really like, and they often end up going for something that doesn’t quite tick all the boxes they thought they wanted, but they fall for the property anyway.’

Source: The Independent