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Make a good first impression

If you want to sell your house quickly and for the maximum price, you need to make sure you’re giving the best first impression of your property.

We’re all quick to judge and if someone doesn’t like the look of your property from the outside, they may not even consider viewing it. And you could be missing out on a sale.

When properties are listed online, whether it’s on an agents’ website or a property portal like Rightmove, typically the outside front of the property is the first image seen. And for those people that like to do a drive-by before they arrange a viewing, they will judge the whole property on what they can see from the outside.

What can you do to make a better impression?

  • Make sure the front door is cleaned, polished and has a fresh coat of paint if it’s peeling or tired looking
  • Use a pressure-washer to clean your driveway and patio and remove larger, unsightly weeds
  • Varnish gates and fences, trim hedges, mow the lawn and cut back greenery close to doors and pathways
  • Add some colourful hanging baskets or potted plants by the front door – real or artificial
  • If a neighbouring house is letting the area down, maybe offer to trim their hedges or mow their lawn when you are doing yours

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