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Moving In Priorities

What do you think the first thing people do when they move into their new home is?

It’s not glamorous, it’s not exciting but it’s most definitely practical… they clean! In a survey by Zoopla, they discovered that 37% of people do a deep clean the day they move in.

However, not everyone’s that practical, as the next most popular activity (for 25% of people) was to get intimate with their partner. Closely followed by ordering a takeaway at 20%.

But 19% of people clearly just want to get sorted as quickly as possible and start arranging their Council Tax and utilities on moving in day. Now, that’s organised.

And in terms of what people buy first – it’s beds and mattresses, followed by kitchen utensils and an iron – and that’s all before they’ve bought a TV or sofa. What a practical bunch we are!

It can take a while for a new place to feel like home – typically between a week and a month. And, while buying pictures and decorations are typically the last things people buy for their new property, these are often the things that can make a property feel more homely.

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