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Renters’ Reform Bill

The renters’ reform bill 2019-2020 was announced in the 2019 Queen’s speech and needs to be approved by Parliament before it can become law.

Under this new plan:

  • Tenants will have more security as landlords will not be able to evict them without a reason
  • The process for those landlords who want to take back their property, for a valid reason, will be made easier and faster
  • A lifetime deposit scheme will be introduced – this will enable a rental deposit to be transferred between properties, avoiding the need for tenants to provide a new deposit each time they move
  • Tenants will have the right to redress if the property is bad for their health or unsafe

The Government is clearly aiming to improve the private rental sector, offering tenants more stability and encouraging higher standards of accommodation. This bill comes hot on the heels of the Tenant Fees Act last July which stopped tenants having to pay for credit and reference checks, and capped deposits at the equivalent of 5 weeks’ rent.

Amanda Dodd, smarthomes’ Lettings Director said: “We are all for any improvements to the rental sector, to ensure all parties are treated fairly. At smarthomes we are completely on top of the latest legislation and only deal with landlords who are fully compliant – so our tenants do not face many of the issues that you read about.“

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