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The local property market

There has been – and still is – a lot of speculation in the news and on social media about the current state of the property market. Many people are contradicting each other, while others are making assumptions or predictions based on their thoughts rather than facts.

It’s a confusing time for a lot of people, who are left wondering if now is a good time to buy, or if they should put their house on the market in the short term, or hold off for a few months. 

All we can tell you is that at smarthomes we are seeing an incredible surge in the local property market. Newspapers love to report the doom and gloom, telling people that prices will fall, that we’re heading into a recession – but since we re-opened in early June, we’ve been incredibly busy. 

In just three weeks we have had offers accepted on nearly 60 homes and we have taken instructions to market just over 60 properties as well. People still need and want to move home, whether it’s for work relocations, to be close to good schools, to be closer to family, or to downsize, there is a whole load of reasons why the property market will remain strong, certainly in Solihull. 

To see what properties smarthomes currently have for sale in Solihull and the surrounding area:

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If you need any advice on buying, selling, or renting a property, please get in touch with us on 0121 744 4144.