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Videos for Smart Sellers

COVID-19 has presented many challenges – the biggest one for us was how to help our customers buy and sell properties safely and effectively during the pandemic.

We’ve introduced many new safety measures to keep our staff, viewers, and sellers as safe as possible and one of our most effective has been the introduction of virtual viewings. We now carry out videography as standard on every new instruction for FREE, which has proven highly beneficial to both buyers and sellers.

Potential buyers get a much better feel for the property – they can see the size and shape of individual rooms more clearly and get a better understanding of how rooms relate to each other. We know that our videos are often viewed several times and are shared with friends and family. Potential purchasers then tend to only book viewings when they know the property is really of interest to them, rather than just looking speculatively.

This is much better for buyers too, as they know that any viewing is taken seriously, and much more likely to result in an offer. Before virtual viewings, on average it took 10 viewings from different people before an offer was made. Video viewings have changed this to only 3 viewings typically before an offer is made.

So, while COVID-19 has turned everyone’s lives upside down, it has also made buyers more focused, reduced the number of speculative viewings, and given us the opportunity to work smarter.

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