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Virtual Valuations

If you would like your property valued but you are self-isolating, or you just don’t feel comfortable with having people in your home right now, we can still help.

Just give us a call on 0121 744 4144 or fill in the form on the Virtual Valuation page to find out just how quick and easy it is to get your property valued. All you’ll need is access to a smartphone so we can see your home through your phone’s camera.

We’ve been doing virtual valuations since March 2020 and feel they work really effectively this is because we know the local market so well.  Our valuations are always realistic and based on the current market conditions. We don’t offer over-inflated prices just to get win the instruction; un-realistic prices results in the properties lingering on the market which can put potential purchasers off, this is something we certainly do not do.

Virtual Viewings

If you’re happy with your valuation and want to instruct us to sell your property, we’ll advise you on how to take the best photos and video footage to showcase your home so we can start proactively marketing your home straight away. 


Book Your Virtual Valuation