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What sellers and buyers wished they’d done differently…

Property portal Zoopla commissioned a survey of 2600 home buyers and sellers to see what they wished they’d known or done differently before they bought or sold a property. It’s useful advice for people who are about to buy or sell, to help them learn from others’ experiences.


  • 46% of buyers in the survey wished they had done more research on the property they bought.
  • 16% said they should have made time to speak with the neighbours. This is a really useful exercise as not only will you get to suss out your potential new neighbours, you can also get a really honest point of view of the area. You can even take this further and chat to the local pub or shop staff. 
  • 15% wished they had checked the broadband speeds out more thoroughly. With more and more of us now working from home, this has become far more important than it used to be. There are websites where you can enter the postcode and check the local broadband speed.
  • 11% said they should have checked out the mobile phone signal in the area. Again, this can be checked online – for example at


  • 84% agreed that staging a property is a good idea – this is when you give it a minor facelift, so it looks more presentable, including:
  • Painting walls a neutral colour
  • Cleaning grouting
  • Cutting back and tidying gardens
  • Giving every room a clear purpose like a bedroom or a study, and not just being a dumping ground
  • 53% of respondents said they would have sold their home for more money if they’d taken the time to stage it.
  • 52% stated they wished they have decluttered more. The more floor space that can be seen, the bigger the room looks so it’s really important for showcasing your home in the best possible light. It also stops sellers having to pack up, move and unpack lots of extra stuff they don’t need or want.

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