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Benefits of Re-mortgaging

According to TSB Bank, homeowners could save £169 per month by re-mortgaging, and switching from a variable rate to a fixed one.

Mortgages can seem complicated as there’s so many factors to consider – what term to take them out for, whether to have an interest only or a repayment loan, whether to go for fixed or variable rates, arrangement fees and early repayment fees…. It’s no wonder many homeowners just don’t want to have to think about their mortgages!

But you don’t have to be a mortgage expert to sort out a re-mortgage, you just have to find someone you trust who can explain all the options to you. At smarthomes we have an in-house independent mortgage consultant, Louise Lewis, who has been offering mortgage advice to local homeowners for over 18 years.

It’s important to shop around for the best deals, and to check the small print for any fees that you might not be aware of. Independent consultants like Louise have access to a much wider range of mortgage deals than you can find yourself and can manage all the paperwork requirements to ensure your application is managed efficiently.

In a survey of 2,000 homeowners, a third of people didn’t know their interest rate, while a quarter thought re-mortgaging would be too stressful, with 15% of respondents being too worried about fees and charges to consider re-mortgaging.

Louise Lewis, smarthomes’ mortgage consultant, commented ‘It’s always worth exploring your re-mortgage options – it’s only an hour of our time and you could save money, or end up with a mortgage that suits your needs better. It’s likely to be the biggest household expense each month so it makes sense to check you’re not over-paying.’

If you would like advice on securing the best mortgage deal, please do not hesitate to call Louise on 0121 744 4144 (option 2).

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