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Smart Landlords

For those considering investing in a buy-to-let property there are big decisions to be made – where to buy the property, how many bedrooms should you get, whether to buy a flat or a house, if you’re going to self-manage or appoint an estate agent to manage the tenant, how to find the best tenant… it can be overwhelming.

The latest research offers some interesting information for landlords to consider. Unsurprisingly, houses with 3 or more bedrooms offer the greatest returns, which can be as high as 11%. Rather more thought-provoking is the fact that one-bedroom apartments can often have higher returns than two-bedroom ones. And apartments without parking can also offer a higher return too. This tends to be seen more in city centres where location is everything, space is at a premium and public transport is frequent and reliable.

Sarah Jenkins, Lettings Director at smarthomes commented, “The majority of our landlord clients in the Shirley and Solihull area have opted to invest in 2-bedroom flats or 3-bedroom houses. While many landlords have sold off some or all of their property portfolio, we still many have many clients who have kept theirs and are looking to buy more. We don’t just rent properties, we work closely with both our landlord and tenant clients, offering financial and property advice to landlords and building good relationships with their tenants.”

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