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The property market in 2019

There’s no doubt it’s going to be an uncertain and challenging time ahead for the property market in 2019.

It’s quite likely that rents will rise in line with demand and that house prices will fall slightly – partly due to supply increasing as landlords offload properties after being hit by rising costs.

One of the biggest uncertainties the market faces is the impact of Brexit – due to the uncertainty the whole country faces, many people are putting their plans on hold and sitting back and waiting to see what the market does.

Jamie Smart, Director of smarthomes estate agent, commented, “First time buyers are holding off doing viewings as they want to see if the market will drop before they make their move. This is the same for people wanting to down-size or scale up. However, the market is still moving as there are always people that have to make a move, whether it’s for work, school, family or financial reasons. Many properties are now priced at completely realistic levels and there are some good deals out there for those who are actively looking.”

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