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The Property Market in the Future

Writing for The Independent, Robert Soning has expressed his opinion on how the UK property market will change over the coming years. Even with all the uncertainty the market currently faces, he still believes the future is bright.

Smaller living spaces

According to Robert, the demand for smaller living spaces will increase in the future. Micro-apartments are already popular in places like New York and Hong Kong so it’s likely that designers and developers will start to copy this trend in the UK at some point.

More sustainable homes

Being environmentally conscious is a hot topic in many areas of the lives we lead and it’s going to influence the way homes are designed and built more and more.

As technology continually develops, new ideas will be built into purpose-built properties such as responsive heating and cooling systems and centrally controlled lighting. Even more impressively, some systems can link into your daily routine, firing up the heating when you’re ten minutes from home, or closing the blinds when you go out.

Julia Evans, New Homes Director at smarthomes commented, ‘Developers are already thinking about environmentally friendly features in their new build homes, which also results in reduced energy bills for the occupier. And in the latest development we are selling – Prince’s Gate in Solihull town centre – the developer has included studio apartments, making the development more affordable for first time buyers and more appealing to the investment market.’ 

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