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What tenants really want

We can all speculate on what we think is important to tenants but it’s interesting to know what they actually really do want…

According to new research the most important things, in order, are:

  1. Pet friendly
  2. Unfurnished
  3. Garden
  4. Off street parking
  5. Décor

Pet friendly
This is a hard one for landlords as many of them just do not want to rent their property out to someone with pets. Who knows how well behaved the animal(s) will be?

It is worth pointing out though that a detailed inventory will be a great asset if a landlord does decide to go ahead as the condition of the property can be documented, with accompanying photos.  

Unsurprisingly this is more important for older renters who are likely to have acquired a wealth of furniture and ‘stuff’ over the years. For renters aged between 18 and 34 years of

While this was the third most important attribute of a rental property, those with children rated it twice as important as those without.

While landlords can’t magic up a garden if they don’t have one, they can give some thought to the first two factors as those landlords who are flexible and prepared to accommodate tenants’ wishes will benefit from a wider choice of tenant, potentially even being able to pick and choose the most suitable.

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